Q.: What is the size of your feet ?

A.: They are 28 cm long. That is about US12, EU44 AND UK10 shoe size


Q.: What is the size of your hands?

A.: They are 20cm long


Q.: Do you have social media pages ?

A.: Yes, you can find the links at the bottom of this page


Q.: Can you produce a film or a video clip on a custom request?

A.: Yes, please send me an email on the contact page and i will consider your request


Q.: What are the prices for your custom made content ?

A.: It depends on type of content and difficulty of your request, i recommend you contacting me so I can give you the exact quote


Q.: Would you collaborate with a professional photographer for a photoshoot ?

A.: Yes, that's possible, please contact me with all the details


Q.: Where are you from ?

A.: It shoudnt really matter but I am British of Russian descent


Q.: Do you produce nude or sexual content ?

A.: Absolutely no


Q.: Can I meet you in person?

A.: No


Any additional questions, dont hesitate to drop me an email!